Your iPad is Causing You Wrinkles?

If the headline alarms you, guess what, the reason is because technology has been considered as the new sign of aging. Read on to find out more.

The reason why you’ve been getting aged is simply because of the sheer constant of using and holding devices for long periods of time. The condition, known as “techneck” wrinkles, shows up when wrinkles form as creases around your neck, cheeks, and forehead and disturbingly, the condition is not limited to the old people anymore – as shown by a number of dermatologists seeing this kind of cases.

People are routinely checking their gadgets to keep updated on latest development and news (from Facebook, obviously) by looking down at the gadgets. From text messages to emails to iPods and iPads, the trend is obviously unhealthy and can spread to younger generations as well, and it’s spreading rapidly.

Dermatologists and clinicians alike noticed the emerging trends where the constant motion of head-down posture creates fine creases like a ring around the neck, as well as loose skin and even double chin. And the feature will be categorized with other indicators such as laughter lines, fish eyes, and worry wrinkles. And definitely, this kind of obsession with technology is certainly not doing you any favor if you want a healthy lifestyle.

The solution to “techneck”

Simply reflecting yourself and knowing how long exactly you’ve been staring at the screen helps a lot to know if you’re vulnerable to “techneck”, because our body is not designed to do so. 5 minute break for each 15 minutes of usage will be most beneficial.

“Techneck” can be reversible (a good news!) and although it can be done completely, it’s a first step to prevent further aging from happening.  The key is to break the pattern you’ve been using your gadgets. For example, hold your smartphones in slight upward angle to view it; using a tablet holder whenever possible as well as practicing a good body posture when using laptop/PC desktops.

For mild to moderate cases, you can opt for dermal filler to be injected into the neck area. The fillers are safe as they’re made from hyaluronic acid and definitely painless.

If, and only if your condition is much worse, you may need a consultation with a dermatologist experienced in neck lift surgery to correct the problem, where the procedure is intended to construct excessive skin folds and wrinkles within the area to reverse the effects made.

A procedure known as Cervicoplasty is required if you need to remove excess skin from the neck for a tighter appearance while Platysmaplasty alters muscles surrounding the neck area to eliminate the appearance of creases, as well as strengthening support underneath it.

And usually you may need both procedures mentioned for an all-out repair and rejuvenation.

These steps are simple yet will help you in the long run to avoid as being another victim of “techneck”. And hopefully, you won’t repeat the same mistakes that create the necklines in the first place.

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