If you have someone (or perhaps yourself) have been suffering eczema, you truly know how irritating this condition can be, which can go as far as interfering with your daily schedule. Young and old, eczema affects in all ages and they come in varied symptoms and intensity for each symptom. Treating them to go away is what you need to stop them from affecting your whole life and read on to know how.

Some people have mild rash, while others may have pain and itchiness for long periods of time, causing blisters and blood oozing out, which in turn creates scar – not a pretty sight. Different people that suffer have their own specific triggers (which can include certain ingredients in food and skin care products, clothing, and even stress). While identifying what really makes eczema to pop out and spread contagiously, it’s actually half the battle as you are only treating the symptom, not the underlying cause.

Traditional medical approach may call for topical steroids that can weaken your immune system (not to mention skin thinning) in the long run, or perhaps topical immunosuppressant, though the FDA has issued possible risk of skin cancer from frequent usage.

Surprisingly, as noted there is a link between Candida and eczema, a lot of people suffering from eczema have shown improvements (even resolving) their eczema by treating Candida growth in their digestive system. Candida treatment includes limiting intake of processed and refined foods, as well as frequent use of antibiotics, which create imbalance of gut flora, resulting in skin inflammations that one of them is yours truly.

The first step to treat eczema applies to either you have or not of Candida – simply taking control of your diet by avoiding foods that can disrupt overall gut flora and creating an acidic environment in the digestive tract.

And of course, as eczema occurs on the skin, is no brainer that it’s paramount for you to keep the skin well-maintained until it heals completely. Staying in cool, well-ventilated area is also essential as sweat can really annoy and itch the hell out.

Simply remove any known triggers that are known to exacerbate your condition for example by changing detergents, or switching to a new moisturizer. Keep your skin squeaky clean and moisturized by using mild cleanse, preferably hypoallergenic variants (for both face and body) and use rich emollients for the skin (generally they come in creamy yet ‘stiff’ texture, be warned, they might be a little greasy). Another alternative would be olive oil or vegetable shortening that will do the job.

Even if the symptoms start to itch you out, refrain the fingers from scratching your skin as it can make eczema worse.

Your doctor may prescribe you a nonprescription steroid cream containing 1% hydrocortisone and must be applied several times a day religiously until the rash is gone for good.

Eczema is no joke, obviously. But these are treatments that will surely help to alleviate your symptoms and pain, inside out.


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