Good news for you Botox lovers! If you have a bit of hesitation going to through the needle to  a shot of your Botox, fear not as now you can even embrace your youthful looks with Botox, in a jar. Read on to find out more.

There’s no question  that Botox is our number one of choice (with 6 million of Botox shots have been injected last year) when it comes to look young once again – the treatment is quick, relatively painless and the effect last quite long. Yet the sight of the needle can be a scare sometimes. Enter Revance, the latest breakthrough to  get the effect of Botox, sans pointy needle.

Also known by its clinical name RT001, it’s a topical beauty cream containing botulinum toxin type A. Once absorbed, the cream will target specific area to ease overactive muscles and smoothing out wrinkles by inhibiting acetylcholine from releasing. The cream is applied directly and wipe off after 30 minutes.

Studies have shown promising results, particularly on smoothing out crow’s feet with no serious side effects (when crow’s feet can be difficult to be treated with regular Botox) as well as maintaining natural expressions, for up to 3 months.

The reason may come from the fact that topical ones mean it’s more evenly applied on targeted areas, similar to the effects of MicroBotox.

Simply put, doctors and the public alike are excited by this breakthrough, as it means more people can have the opportunity to look young with Botox (especially if you’re afraid of needles).Though some may doubt if it’s strong enough akin to Botox shots or even to target as precisely as a needle would, or as deeper.

Just like your regular Botox shots, topical ones are also studied to know whether if it’s also effective to ease out excessive sweating, runny nose, as well as acne.

Has it been on the market yet? Unfortunately, no, at the moment. Revance needs to go another set of trials before being approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If it’s officially can be commercialized, Revance definitely will shake the whole Botox market (still, it can take a couple of years, so cross your fingers!)

Oh come on, if you’re thinking that lines and wrinkles is a sign of wisdom, try a bit of Botox cream for yourself first and you’ll see how happy you can be looking so good, so young (plus the inevitable compliments!)

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