Finding the right aesthetician is always begin with the reason why you want some pro in skin care stuff to consult you on the first place. It’s okay, we’re not the expert and sometimes we don’t really get to know thoroughly with our own skin – that’s where a good aesthetician will show you the way to correct and maintain your skin as fabulous as possible.

Not to be confused with a dermatologist, an aesthetician can be divided into two; with general ones work in beauty spas and preforms routine procedures (chemical peels and facials, for example) while medical aestheticians work together with dermatologist and perform more invasive procedures, especially for moderate to severe cases such as burn and acid victims.

Generally, before deciding which skin care products for your condition, a good aesthetician will analyze your skin thoroughly (usually with the help of questionnaire) to help you narrow down the products that are suitable for you, thus a personalized goals and current conditions will help you reach your desired goals.

Yes, even it means you tell them you have certain budget on skin care, they will help and show the right products accordingly, hence maintaining a youthful and healthy skin.

An aesthetician may also ask you about your makeup habits and (beware!) daily hygiene habist to ensure that they get to the root of your concern.

To know if the  aesthetician is the one, ask yourself if you feel calm, relax to confide with, and feel that the person is someone you can rely on for your skin issues (which can be embarrassing at one point) and no, they won’t laugh at your skin woes – a good aesthetician will have a good rapport with their clients and always on hand should you have any questions.

While they will ‘grill’ you with questions, it’s essential that you have questions on your own; ask them on their experiences and  regarding particular procedure. By right, they should be able to answer your questions in calm and respectful manner.

Getting a good look at the establishment is also a pointer; is the environment relaxing to you? And look for products displayed and being sold if they come from high quality, reputable ones.

After the treatment? See if the aesthetician will provide you a personal follow up to ensure that your skin stays good as intended, and providing helpful tips along the way, until you’re truly satisfied with the end result.

A good aesthetician is practically everywhere. All you need to make your research ad ask around until you meet the right one for you. Who knows, if the one you’ve chosen is the one you will rely for years to come! For our readers in Sydney we recommend Advanced Dermatology clinic, leaders in their industry, follow the link to get in touch with one of their specialists.

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