Talking a lot about skin care and we can’t help but wonder how the professionals – namely dermatologists – do when they take care of their skin. Does it really involved using upscale, high ends products that we can’t have? Read on to find out the truth.

What they keep on urging us on is what they’ve been using. Using sunscreen is meticulous and definitely religious, as Lisa Garner, MD, president of the Women’s Dermatologic Society did: she fills out her palm with sunscreen and applying it onto her face, neck and ears. Twice.

And yeah they always apply it again regularly. As sunscreen normally stops working within 3 hours, reapplication is simply necessary. If you want to skip the hassle or ruining your makeup, use a powder sunscreen to save time while still in protection.

Just like us, the pros are busy. Period. And yet they still maintained their skin care regimen and follow them religiously, with smart ways; is you’re simply tired from day’s work, put all of your skin care essentials right next to your bed so you can clean your skin while having lie-in. Tip: use a lavender-scented products to help you sleep easier as well.

Another worthwhile tip from the pro: they pair their skin care stuff for an instant rejuvenation. For example, peptides and retinoids work hand in hand so you can utilize the pair at night, while sunscreen protection coupled with potent antioxidants is suitable for daily use.

It’s no brainer that dermatologist eat as clean as possible – for a good skin. Include plenty of skin-friendly foods; almonds, fruits and veggies, as well as poultry and fish – oh yeah, no deep frying, only healthy options. Plus, limiting yourself from too much of sodium and sugary stuff as these two can affect the overall health of your skin, greatly. Sodium draws out water, making your skin prone to sag and dullness while sugar will cause collagen breakdown which spells aging skin.

The pros make regular workout as a rule, in order to look as youthful as possible. Regular working out promotes healthy blood circulation for a youthful glow, as well as tighter and firmer skin. However, dermatologists advises us to minimum impact excersices as they can weaken collagen fibers within, instead encouraging us to do yoga poses to improve overall skin tone and texture. Plus; regular yoga reduces inflammation and stress related to speed aging, greatly.

Which in turns, brings us to the next point; stress plays a huge role in our skin – high stress will make hormones going haywire and aggravates conditions like acne and psoriasis all over. As  mentioned before, try out yoga and pilates to release some stress, as well as keeping a positive mindset in our life.

Preach, doctor.

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