Nobody likes opened pores, even if they never have it ever – it’s unsightly and just sitting plainly there (in most cases on the top of your nose). Before thinking a perfect solution to solve this matter, read on first on the possible causes of opened pores and the solutions that you can do.

these pores are actually innocent, as they’re pathways for the skin’s natural oils to reach to the surface – essential to nourish and keeping your skin supple. Generally, pores are actually small, they only got bigger in size due to various reasons; oily skin, for example, can also make the pore eventually bigger as too much of oil travelling and gets mixed with dirt, debris, and dead skin cells, causing buildup and expands the route.

Healthy and youthful should be small; with aging skin (naturally or prematurely), collagen starts to degrade and eventually making the pores visibly bigger (on the top part).

Believe me, covering up with layers of concealer and foundation will only make the problem worse (and yes even for non-comedogenic ones). What about products claimed to shrink pores? It’s possible, with the right key ingredient. ]

For example, choose both cleanser and toner containing salicylic acid to help exfoliating skin gently and unclogging blocked pores. Over-the-counter retinol also does the same job, plus they even control oil production for a smaller and cleaner pores. For more products that contain salicylic acid and retinol see here.

Here’s a special tip of mine: apply a mild benzoyl peroxide ointment (5% strength or less) on the pore-prone area every morning and night. The ingredient helps by killing off germs, unclog the pores thoroughly. Cover it with a layer of moisturizer so the skin won’t dry out that much.

And of course, keep your skin as young as possible with a good amount of collagen, vitamin C and E, as well as by wearing sunscreen, at all times. These things will ensure collagen production able to keep up and exceed with your body’s aging process, hence keeping the pores small and the skin looking baby-smooth.

Are there any treatments to treat pesky pores? Sure is. A treatment called Clearlift also handy when it comes to making your pores small in size by stimulating dermis layer to start producing collagen with brightening effect as well.

And keep in mind, good skin care habits are paramount; not over washing your face and not over exfoliate is the key to not tricking your face thinking it has to produce more oil than necessary. Not doing these things will make the guidelines mentioned above pointless and not effective.

Closing up a bit and making the big pores appear smaller is definitely easier with these guidelines. Try it out and see it for yourself!

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