What used to be a beauty secret of Marilyn Monroe’s perfect and kissable lips, we’ve uncovered another zillion ways to use Vaseline as part of your beauty routine. Make it as a secret and you know you can look oh-so good simply from this jelly jar.

A simple way to use this petroleum jelly is to apply them as a regular moisturizer and foot treatment cream. Apply it just before bedtime and wake up for a silky smooth skin. Here’s a tip: apply a thin layer to every inch of your body – that includes the skin, lips, and even eye lashes (that’s what Tyra Banks do for a come-hither lashes) to see the results.

Hint: a regular use of Vaseline to your lashes will reduce the amount of mascara you need to get that vavavoom lashes considerably.

Vaseline is also potent enough to remove makeup easily – simply swipe a bit of the jelly with a cotton pad and watch how the colors get wiped off in an instant.

You can also use Vaseline as a rich scrub for your skin. Simply mix equal amount of the gel with sea scrub and rub it to damp skin gently and slowly, before rinsing them off with warm water.

Another way that you can use – makeup-wise – is to apply a little bit of Vaseline at the edge of your nail during your mani/padi routine, and the nail polish won’t stick on the cuticles – honestly, you’d save a lot of time than rubbing the accidental polish off from the cuticle and God forbid, accidentally rubbing of the polish from the nails altogether. Now you know why Vaseline is highly recommended to apply on baby’s cute butt cheeks.

You can even use the gel to make your makeup last longer. I recommend for you to rub in a little bit of Vaseline gently on o your cheeks before applying a blusher to make the color lasts and glowing naturally, all day. You can also dab it all over after foundation for the same effect.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how Marilyn used Vaseline for her lips: mix two different shades of your favorite lip color with a bit of Vaseline, and you’ll get an original color with a healthy sheen. And it last longer too!

So stop reading this right now and get yourself a jar Vaseline as part of your multitasking, on-the-go product. Make sure it’s a big one because there’s a lot of things that you can use with Vaseline.



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