We’re all been in sticky ‘pulsy’ situation – pimples, breakouts, and pulsy zits comes out every now and then. Not to worry as help is on the way – read on these 5 proven tips to get rid of pimples faster way, plus a bonus to exterminate small ones, should you need it.

Get a bag of cloth full of ice (crushed ones are more moldable to fit on your face) to freeze and get rid of the pimples. Dab the affected area throughout the day to improve blood circulation (hence delivering essential nutrients to slowly diminish pimples), freezing pores, as well as  washing off accumulated dirt and oil residue off the skin.

It’s no brainer than lemon is one of the most sought after remedy in healing pimples – they’re rich in vitamin C to dry out affected area faster, killing off the germs, as well as gently exfoliating dead skin cells on the surrounding area to prevent future breakouts. The key is to use pure lemon juice. Simply dab a bit of the juice on cotton pad repeatedly on pimples and you’ll see the pimples fade away to nothingness by the next morning.

A word of caution; possible stinging may occur and you should dilute a bit with purified water to reduce the concentration (especially for sensitive skin).

Packed with anti-bacterial properties, boost healing rate, and very nourishing, honey has been used to treat wounds and of course, small things like pimples. Simply apply a bit of warmed honey (to make it less sticky and easier to apply) and dab to the pimples (as well as surrounding the area).

Another thing that’s full with anti-bacterial properties is garlic and it’s the one most sought after in killing off zits. Crushed ones are better because you’ll have the juice to dab onto the affected area. Like lemon, it may cause you a bit stinging (I guess it’s a sign that garlic is working?) so bear a bit and it’ll go away. Repeat a couple of times for quicker healing rate.

If you want to have a glowing complexion along as well, I recommend to have a bit of steam treatment – it works by opening up skin pores, allowing your skin to get rid of clogged pores (full with dirt, leftover oils, and dead skin cells), as well as healing acne.

All you need to do is to fill a basin full of hot water, let the steam come in contact with your face for a couple of minutes, rinse with lukewarm water afterwards.

Here’s a tip of mine if you have small zits keep popping up here and there and you need to get rid of it by tomorrow – right before bedtime, pop the pimple (sterilize your needles first!), scrub gently your face (I recommend a cleanser mix with bicarbonate of soda) and wash it off. Apply a bit of vitamin E-rich cream/oil (olive oil also works) and leave it overnight. The next day the pimples be gone, and you can use concealer to cover up.

Use these tips and I hope it helps during emergency!

This article was sourced from Home Remedies.

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