While we all know that a cleanser is the most basic yet essential in skin care routine, not many of us realize the true secret to maximize the potential of your humble cleanser, giving you suppleness and glow. We got you covered. Read on to find out more.

Choosing your cleanser is very much depends on your skin type: if you have dry skin, a rich creamy  and foamy cleanser is suitable while gel or alcohol-based ones is the perfect companion for oily skin. For acne prone skin, cleanser labeled as ‘anti-bacterial’ (better yet, that have tea tree oil) is what you need.

Timing is everything. A lot of us are guilty of cleansing their face in such rush. Washing your face in good time will allow the cleanser to work well into your skin, breaking and purging out sebum residue and dirt. Give it at least a couple of minutes to work the cleanser into rich lather and massaging it thoroughly onto your face and neck.

Do your cleansing routine while you’re in shower, as your skin is more open and easier to clean. Apply cleanser with dry fingertips onto dry skin, as the cleanser will bind effectively to dirt, sebum and impurities.

And yes, please don’t overdo it. No matter if you want to ‘wash the sin away’ or simply having an OCD about being clean, stick to cleansing routine twice a day, morning and night (best right before bedtime).

While we’re at it, you shouldn’t wash your face rigorously as you put your skin at risk to tearing and hurting yourself. Not to mention the tip mentioned above that your cleanser needs some time for it to work. The trick is to massage your skin in firm, circular motion beginning from the chin to cheeks, as well as across the forehead – the motion will help to purge out dirt from the pores effectively while stimulating blood circulation within.

If you love to have some boost while cleansing your face, use a soft sponge or muslin cloth instead to scrub and massage your skin gently while stimulating it.

After working the lather on your face thoroughly, what you’d do? Rinse it off obviously, even if you’re using a cold cream, cleansing wipes, or cream-based tissues, due to the fact that there’s always residue left behind providing unnecessary addition when you apply the serum and/or moisturizer afterwards.

Plus, the trick is to wash it off with lukewarm water as opposed to cool one. Lukewarm water washes off cleanser and residue gunk on your skin more effectively and of course, end the cleansing routine with a splash of cool water to close the opened pores.

Here’s an added bonus, you can use your cleanser to wash off makeup brushes as they’re gentler for natural bristles and making them last longer.

There you have it, after reading these facts I’ll bet you’ll be looking at your cleanser in a different light. Maximize its potential with these tips and you’ll see how your skin look so much better.



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