Over the years we’ve heard a lot when it comes to protecting and prevent your skin from aging, until it looks like monotonous and the same, all the way. But did you know that knowing your skin type is essential as it narrows down what you will do and use to keep your skin youthful at all times? Read on with this concise cheat sheet, quoted from Dr.Oz.

Given a choice, all women would love to have their skin as smooth and supple just like when they were born, until they die. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. We always need to take a good care of our skin religiously to at least maintain their natural beauty and prevent them from getting worse. And it all starts with knowing your skin type and taking steps in anti-aging, the right way.

Though I admit I can get a bit of envy with someone that have fair skin – you can practically wear any color you want! Unfortunately though, fair and snowy kind of skin have low levels of melanin (a cell pigment responsible for the colorings of your skin, as well as to block some of UV radiation from penetrating) and bundles of collagen within their skin – which means while you’re vulnerable to get wrinkles (at a quicker rate), you’re lucky that your skin is not that easy to sag.

As fair skin tend to have thinner skin’s surface, it’s always advisable to use the gentlest strength of anti-aging cream to use – over-the-counter retinol cream coupled with a rich night cream are highly recommended (like, now) as well as SPF with at least 30++.

As for dark skin, they have they kinda have opposing characteristics to fair skin tone  high amount of melanin (meaning they won’t burn easily) and have rather compacted collagen bundles – least amount of wrinkles yet obvious sagging (yikes!

A glycolic toner is essential as it works to stimulate collagen as well as diminishing age spots from the skin, apart from balancing the pH of your skin, before a moisturizer routine. A rich cream containing peptides and hyaluronic acid is good to protect your skin from sagging.

Medium skin type has the features of both worlds – containing characteristics of fair and dark skin here and there. This skin tone has less melanin than a dark skin would, although they can tan depending on the amount of sun exposure, hence hyperpigmentations are readily to occur, as well as plethora of skin issues to think of.

Try out a good cream or serum rich in vitamin C to repair skin woes from within as well as to protect the skin from free radicals caused by the sun rays. Retinol creams can also be helpful to repair the skin and even out the color.

And of course, sunscreen is extremely important, though you don’t burn easily, your skin still absorbs the UV rays and causing you premature aging a lot more worse than fair/dark skin tone alone.

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