There’s nothing quite so disheartening as stubborn fat. You diet, you exercise, but those last few pounds just won’t budge. Embrace is here to help. We offer Embrace™ therapy, a revolutionary new body toning treatment that will help you achieve the results you’ve been working so hard for – without any of the pain or… Read More


Have you been putting on makeup a lot lately? Perhaps your sin is at risk of getting acne cosmetica. Not to worry, it’s not a new version of acne, just the kind that you need to watch out, especially when you use a lot of makeup on a daily basis. Read on! Actually, acne cosmetica… Read More


Well, this is interesting – breast augmentation procedure has been going steady for years (with approximately 300k procedures annually). And though the end result is certainly appealing (if done correctly, of course!) not many of us are willing to get the skin under the knife. Google the video procedure and you’ll see what I mean.… Read More


Good news for you Botox lovers! If you have a bit of hesitation going to through the needle to  a shot of your Botox, fear not as now you can even embrace your youthful looks with Botox, in a jar. Read on to find out more. There’s no question  that Botox is our number one… Read More


As if we don’t have enough information to know that there are different types and strength of retinoids, now we have to recognize which is natural and which is synthetic – they work in different way, actually. Read on. Natural retinoids are the one who are, natural (duh) and derived directly from vitamin A and… Read More


While most of us know how important it is to take care of our skin at all time, most of us seems to forget to do so when travelling by plane. That’s a big no-no sister!  Your skin is much more vulnerable when you’re way up there and right here I’m going to show you… Read More


If you have someone (or perhaps yourself) have been suffering eczema, you truly know how irritating this condition can be, which can go as far as interfering with your daily schedule. Young and old, eczema affects in all ages and they come in varied symptoms and intensity for each symptom. Treating them to go away… Read More


Finding the right aesthetician is always begin with the reason why you want some pro in skin care stuff to consult you on the first place. It’s okay, we’re not the expert and sometimes we don’t really get to know thoroughly with our own skin – that’s where a good aesthetician will show you the… Read More


Over the years we’ve heard a lot when it comes to protecting and prevent your skin from aging, until it looks like monotonous and the same, all the way. But did you know that knowing your skin type is essential as it narrows down what you will do and use to keep your skin youthful… Read More

The older you get, the harder it is to conceal the effects of aging. There are hormonal changes and natural elements that degrade the look of your skin, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Botox is a brand name of dermal fillers that improves skin without the need for surgery. It is derived from a… Read More