Well, this is interesting – breast augmentation procedure has been going steady for years (with approximately 300k procedures annually). And though the end result is certainly appealing (if done correctly, of course!) not many of us are willing to get the skin under the knife. Google the video procedure and you’ll see what I mean. If it scares you, why not consider a less invasive alternative, like using Botox for similar effect? Read on to find out more.

A new treatment has been dubbed as ‘the Botox boob job’, Breastox using a shot or two of Botox on the breast area to plump up the breasts and creating an appealing appearance, up to a cup size. And guess what? It’s one of the celebrity secrets as part of their preparation of red carpet and appearances.

So instead of using scalpels and knives, the doctor will only use syringes and needles to get Botox under your skin for instantaneous breast lift effect, safer and quicker. Though currently it’s been used as ‘off-label’ and still not been approved by the good ol’ FDA, the popularity of using these shots is emerging.

The Botox used to temporarily relax the pectoral muscles to leave the shoulder and chest area from the strain, so the breasts will look virtually higher and firmer, a lifting effect. With no downtime and risks for scars (unless you’d count bruising and mild swelling), as well as being virtually painless – it sounds like the Holy Grail for breast augmentation.

Not to mention the costs are generally a third of the whole costs of the usual breast augmentation procedure, so who wouldn’t be tempted?

Unlike the usual process of breast augmentation procedure, knives and scalpels (with anesthetics) are involved to cut a bit of the breasts and inserting implants (which can be either silicone or saline implants) between the breast fat tissue and pectoral muscles. The operation is no doubt pricey, with potential bouts of infection, scarring, and loss of sensation.

Take note though, just like any other Botox procedure, the effect is not permanent and generally the lifting effect lasts up to six months (it’s not bad actually). Still, this treatment is ideal for any woman suffering from post-baby, natural aging, or droopy breasts results from various factors.

Breastox is definitely appealing and the mild version when it comes to breast augmentation. Expect women to start doing the procedure and swears by it!

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